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Sky Warriors releases Controller Support

Jul 13, 2023 1 MIN READ Wildlife

Exciting news coming for our Sky Warriors community: a beta version of Controller Support has been released! 


With this new addition, our players can use an external controller to pilot their jets in a different way and improve their battle experience. For this beta version, we recommend playing with PS4 Dual Shock and Xbox Series S/X controllers for better gameplay.


We believe playing with a controller is fun, both for players that are more used to console, as to players that want a little variability over how they play.


See how easy it is to enable your controller

First you need to pair your bluetooth controller with your device, and then you can proceed to the SW’s Settings tab:

After that, you can enable your controller in the “controller supported” option:


There you go. The sky’s the limit, so fly high and enjoy. We’ll see you, pilots!

Sky Warriors is available for Android on Google’s Play Store and for iOS on Apple’s App Store.

Gameplay, Tech Jul 13, 2023 Wildlife