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Road to Hackathon 29: a history of innovation

Mar 09, 2023 2 MIN READ Wildlife

It’s not unusual to find tech companies all over the globe carrying out their own Hackathons as an exercise to develop innovative solutions and allow for creative brainstorming. As the perfect place to test the wildest ideas, hackathons have been a vital part of Wildlife’s culture. Did you know that some Wildlife games have resulted from hackathons?



That’s right: the tradition of hosting Hackathons is pretty much rooted into the company’s culture, with many prototypes for special features and games being developed, including the fighter jet battle game Sky Warriors and the ever-relaxing Colorfy. Following a general theme, teams are free to create whatever they believe to be most interesting; game prototypes, motion capture features, new ideas for ad creatives, and even ways to improve access to Unity libraries.


But it was in 2018, during Wildlife’s 18th Hackathon, that a team developed what would become the first prototype of one of the company’s most recent successful games: Zooba.



The prototype was smooth, easy to play, and incredibly fun with a set of skills and gameplays to explore. As a result, it was decided that the prototype would become the next game to be officially developed by the company’s internal studios. 



This week, Wilders kick off the 29th edition of our Hackathon with great excitement about what will be created and with a lot of more wild moments to be lived. We all look forward to an event such as a hackathon where creativity, teamwork, and time constraints result in new, exciting ideas brought to life by inspired game professionals.

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