Riding into battle in War Machine with the Expend4bles crew!

Nov 14, 2023 2 MIN READ Wildlife

At Wildlife, we are constantly seeking for new collaborations to bring iconic and exciting content to our players. In this pursuit, War Machine recently announced its first major collaboration with Lionsgate and Millennium Media. Since September 19th, War Machines fans can play with formidable characters from “The Expend4bles,” as well as obtain crew crates and special ammo from the movie franchise. But a new character is joining the ranks soon. With these new contents, tank commanders are conquering the battlefield and strengthening their ranks in 8-player online matchups and clan wars – where they’ll die when they’re dead.


Check out the details to enjoy the explosive Expend4bles content available on War Machines until December 14th:


New Characters. Players could already choose between new playable characters Barney Ross or Gina for their loadouts, but a new character has joined the team: Lee Christmas. See more about each character:


  • Lee, available as of October XX, like his passion for knives in the movies, will be able to deploy a turret that shoots blades on any approaching enemies and improve the fire rate of the tank by collecting items in the map


  • Barney can command squads to victory by establishing an aura of effect that boosts allies’ attacks within it. He can also call-in air support from his crew, calling in a chopper that will rain down bullets from above. He is the first War Hero rarity Crew Member in War Machines, the rarest and most powerful of its kind in the game.


  • Gina is a multidisciplinary mercenary who can support allies by improving their reload times and deploy a tracking missile that will chase an enemy. .


Pattern Decals and Ammunitions. To embrace the cinematic atmosphere, the community can also choose from available patterns and decals to personalize their tanks for battle. Every week during the collaboration, we’ll make available two new pattern decals to customize your loadout, as well as 6 new powerful ammunitions to enhance your gameplay and improve your chance of victory.


Events. Adding to the thrill, dedicated player events are taking place every week, offering you the opportunity to gain Crew Crates, Legendary Tokens, and Seasonal Ammo. Don’t miss this opportunity!

We’ll see you on the battlefield, commanders!


War Machines is available on App Store and Google Play store.

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