A new tennis legend rises: Hyun-Jun!

Mar 02, 2023 1 MIN READ Wildlife

Straight out of the suburbs of Seoul, working in his parent’s restaurant, Hyun-Jun made sure to climb to new heights without ever forgetting the excitement and joy he felt when he started playing tennis. Be it waving a frying pan as a racket as a kid or playing international tennis championships, his skills and ascension made his parents proud of their talented son, but Hyun-Jun wanted more.


Nonetheless, it wasn’t always like that: his extreme training sessions and outstanding performance secured him financial stability to help his parents, but Hyun-Jun felt out of place by living according to other people’s definition of success. From the moment of that realization onwards, he decided he wanted to play tennis with as much joy as he felt in the beginning.


Now, he joins the game with a style focused on a right-hand serve and an all-new set of skills for players to explore. Hyun-Jun is available to players as of this Wednesday, Mar 1. 

Tennis Clash is available for Android on Google’s Playstore and for iOS on Apple’s Appstore.

Gameplay Mar 02, 2023 Wildlife