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Wildlife at BIG Festival 2023

Jul 07, 2023 2 MIN READ Wildlife

Last week, our team participated in one of the largest game festivals in Latin America: BIG Festival (Best International Games Festival). The event has become one of the main meeting points for game companies such as Wildlife and independent game developers alike who wish to discuss innovation and game releases from all over the world. The 4-day event has gathered at least 30 thousand attendees in this year’s edition. 


On July 1st, Wilders took the stage at the BIG Festival twice to share how we work to free creators and help the world play, learn, and interact.


The first presentation of the day took place on Stage 1 and featured Fernando Pepe, our sound designer. Alongside Carlos Cassemiro and Cristiano Prazeres from Rockets Audio, and Victor Haime from Flutu Music, Pepe shared his experience in the talk “Optimizing the Connection with the Audio Area within a Game Project”. The discussion, moderated by Thiago Adamo from Game Audio Sounds, provided insights on facilitating communication between audio professionals and developers, from the right moment to initiate each phase of the project to testing processes.


For the Wildlife’s Central Audio team, attending BIG festival was an opportunity to interact with other game audio professionals and share learnings. “Acting as an insourcing team at Wildlife, we are able to establish closer connections with the studios we serve. Our involvement starts from the beginning of the project. We collaborate in its conception and development, providing feedback and helping each studio build and scale the project effectively”, commented Pepe. 


The second talk, on Stage 3, was titled “PUGA and Wildlife: Building a Successful Partnership in Game Development,” featuring our partnership with the PUGA Studios. During the session, Camilla Loyolla and Nathalia Karmaluk, managers from our Studios-In-A-Box Outsourcing team, joined Caroline Cunha and Vanessa Nery from PUGA. They shared stories about the collaborative journey between the studios, from the initial prospecting to expanding the project to multiple new games.


“We have been working together with PUGA for the past 3 years, delivering games that are a success among the audience. To ensure this partnership thrives, we invest in key elements such as transparency, structured feedback, communication, and a willingness to work together in finding solutions”, emphasized Nathalia Karmaluk.


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Wilders, Wildlife Jul 07, 2023 Wildlife