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At Wildlife Studios, our mission is to develop games that will mark a generation, and we believe that privacy is an integral part of it. We know that our players trust us to protect their personal information, and it is up to us to be good stewards.

We create our games with privacy in mind. From the very first stages, our developers and engineers consider how to protect your information and maintain it securely. We conduct privacy impact assessments to identify risks and address them early on.

Our games don’t require you to provide information that could identify you directly. You do not need to create an account to use our games, and we don’t ask for your real name, password, or credit card information. The information we collect from you or your device is used to provide you with an excellent gaming experience. We are also committed to placing high standards on how our partners and service providers use our data to offer our games. We work with them to limit the data they can access and use only the data needed to help us provide our games to you.

We encourage you to access our Privacy Policy to learn about how we may handle personal data in more detail. We display our Privacy Policy in twelve different languages to ensure you can adequately access and read it.

Wildlife wants you to feel confident about your data when playing our games. We have an open channel to allow you to contact us or make requests about your data. We have also implemented internal procedures to guard your privacy rights. You can access our web form to make such requests directly and for free.



Protecting children is very important to us, and we respect your right as a parent to learn more about how we may collect and use data from your child’s use of our games.

Except for Math Learner and Suspects (as described in more detail below), our games are not meant for and should not be played by players under 13. Since most of our games do not require prior registration, we are generally not aware of our players’ age.

However, if we provide an age-gate and a player indicates that they are under 13, we take measures to limit the collection and sharing of personal information to only what is necessary to support the internal operations of the service. That means that we will not show the player personalized advertising or share their data with third parties for financial gain. We also take steps to prevent kids from entering or disclosing personal information to other players. We may also take action to either remove the user and delete the account or seek your parental consent.

If your child plays one of our games and you wish for us to delete their data or have any questions or concerns regarding our games, please contact us by sending a request via our webform.

If you would like more information about which types of data we collect from players and how Wildlife Studios use that data, please consult our Privacy Policy. For the general conditions that govern our games, please visit our Terms of Service.

We dedicate ourselves and implement strong measures to protect our players and ensure they have a safe experience. Please check the resources available in our Safety Center for tips and more information about how we work to keep players safe when enjoying our games.



Suspects is a multiplayer game where you can play online with other real players and try to solve a mysterious murder.

The game is not meant for kids, but we understand children may choose to play it with your acknowledgment. To protect those players and provide a safe experience, we require players who indicate they are under 13 to go through a customized journey:  

  • Before you provide permission,  they may only play Suspects with a limited gameplay experience. 
  • We only allow access to the game’s full experience, enabling voice chat, if a guardian has provided verifiable parental consent. 

We will contact you, asking you to review and approve your child’s permission requests if your child has requested access to voice chat. 

We have partnered up with SuperAwesome’s Kid Web Services (KWS) platform to obtain your verifiable consent under privacy laws and the best standards available in the industry.

SuperAwesome KWS is the #1 parent verification and consent platform in the world. It provides privacy safeguards allowing kids, and parents like you, to better enjoy digital adventures.

Have any questions? Below are a few frequently asked questions about our approach to parental consent on Suspects: Mistery Mansion: 

Q. Why are you contacting me asking for parental consent?

A. Certain features of the game may allow players to disclose personal information. To do so, certain data privacy laws (like COPPA, GDPR-K, and the UK Age Appropriate Design Code) require that we obtain the consent of a guardian and, in some cases, verify that the parent is an adult.

Q. Why do you need my credit card details or ID number to provide parental consent?

A. Privacy laws require that we take a few steps to verify your identity and that you are an adult, but you can choose the method you are most comfortable with amongst the options displayed. Note that the information you provide to verify your identity is not shared with Wildlife Studios. This process is handled directly by SuperAwesome.

Q. I no longer want my child to play the game: how do I delete their personal information?

A. You may manage your child’s permissions and data via the Parent’s Portal. The Portal allows you to review the game permissions and provides options regarding your child’s personal information.

Please refer to our Children's Privacy Policy for a comprehensive outline of our practices involving the online collection, use, and disclosure of personal information from children under the age of 13 in connection with Suspects: Mystery Mansion.