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How can I earn Heroic cards?

Updated 7 months ago

Nice question, Warrior!
Here are some information regarding the Heroic Cards:
Once you reach a warzone that has Heroic cards, you can start earning them just like the other cards, but with a much lower chance. Heroic cards are really rare, but in due time you can earn one! Also, keep an eye out for special offers and prizes that may contain a Heroic card.
Here’s a list of Heroic Cards:

Army – Heroic Cards

Card Name: Colonel Warcry
Warzone: 5
Energy: 4
Category: Human
Card Name: Flare Major
Warzone: 6
Energy: 3
Category: Human

Heroic Generals

General Name: Dwight Eisenhelper
Warzone: 5
Skill: Adds one extra soldier in trench and smallbunker.
General Name: Tokubetsu Kamikaze
Warzone: 5
Skill: Flying vehicles will explode when destroyed, dealing massive damage.
General Name: Leonidash
Warzone: 6
Skill: Revenges a lost main building by deploying an entire army.
General Name: Paul von Minenfield
Warzone: 6
Skill: Adds 15 landmines on your side of the map.
Now, go on and get them! 😉
See you on the battlefield!