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What missions are there in Sniper 3D?

Updated 7 months ago

There are many mission types in Sniper 3D. They are as follows:
  • Primary
  • Spec Ops
  • Daily Mission
  • PvP Arena
  • World Ops
  • Special Event
  • Wanted, Multi kill, Shooting Range, Warehouse, Prison Break and Head shot


Right after completing the tutorial, you’ll be able to access the Primary Missions. Each City will offer a number of Primary Missions, which you can complete for Coins and XP.
As a general rule, each Primary Mission will require you to shoot and kill a number of targets, with set conditions. For example, one Mission may ask you to snipe a wanted criminal by identifying his distinctive hairstyle or outfit, and another may demand that you take out the driver of a speeding getaway car before he can escape.
Each Primary Mission costs 1 Energy to start, and will draw from your Energy pool, visible at the top of your screen. Once you run out of Energy, you’ll need to wait for it to recharge. You can skip the recharge period by watching ads, or spending Diamonds.
Every Primary Mission offers a reward in Coins, but do bear in mind that repeating a Mission will only yield 10% of the original reward.
As you progress, you’ll start to notice yellow or red warning symbols in the Mission summary. These indicators are here to inform you that your current rifle needs to be upgraded to remain effective, so you should always keep an eye on your weapon upgrades.
Finally, you can add a small boost to your Coin rewards simply by aiming for the head. Every headshot you land will earn you an additional 40 Coins on top of your base reward.

Spec Ops

Spec Ops will unlock after you have successfully upgraded part of your rifle – with the exception of the Silencer.
Each City offers five Spec Ops Missions, and each of these will present a special scenario with an individual challenge. These can range from intervening in a gunfight between rival gangs, to duelling rival snipers from the back of an SUV, or even from a helicopter.
Once you have completed all five Spec Ops Missions, the next City will open up to you, and you can get started on the next set of Missions right away – provided your rifle is up to the challenge.

Daily Mission

After you complete your first 9 Primary Missions, you’ll start getting Daily Missions.
As its name suggests, you’ll get a new Mission every 24 hours. Generally, these Missions see you presented with a weapon to test out on a shooting range, or against a mass prison escape. This can be a great way to try out weapons you’ll have possibly overlooked otherwise.

PvP Arena

This is a weekly online multiplayer event, in which players battle each other to accumulate Blue Skulls. The more of them you accumulate, the higher your ranking position will be. After the event finishes, you’ll receive a reward based on that.
Your Blue Skulls will also reset every week, meaning that your chances to get on a higher position will depend on your performance each week!
You can also read more about it on the following article: All you need to know about PvP.

World Ops

World Ops is a weekly Sniper 3D event. In this event, you must perform missions to win Red Skulls.
It will be displayed to you after the first Spec Ops mission is completed. World Ops Missions will confront you with either a target to protect, or a horde of enemies to hold out against.
These work similarly to the Blue Skulls that will be used to allocate the user in the World Ops individual ranking and you’ll also get rewards at the end of the week!
Each World Ops Mission has a maximum value of Red Skulls that can be obtained. Red Skulls are obtained every time the user eliminates an enemy, and the Mission ends when the player reaches the maximum value of Red Skulls or is eliminated.
The max Red Skulls score you can get is based on your Tier. This is how it works: the higher the tier, the higher the score that can be obtained. Please bear in mind that as your Tier increases, so will the difficulty of World Ops
You can get a higher Tier by getting more Red Skulls. This value restarts every week so you have more chances to get on a higher rank every week, just like in PvP.

Special Event

In this mode, the player can earn up to four Special weapons just by completing 30 missions within a time limit. You have to complete all thirty Missions in the respective week to win an exclusive weapon, as seen below.
When the week is over, that weapon will become unavailable and the new Missions will become available. If you were not able to get the week’s weapon, don’t worry – you’ll still be able to purchase it with Diamonds from the Arsenal.
The gameplay depends on the event, it’s always a surprise! More information about this will be in-game so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

Wanted, Multikill, Shooting Range, Warehouse, Prison Break and Headshot missions

Each city contains two types of what we call Grind Missions. This means that you can play them indefinitely to collect Coins.
These Missions are entirely optional, and you could progress to the next City without completing a single one of them – as long as you’ve got your Spec Ops Missions done.